Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photo shoot!

Hi everyone! I had my photos taken today for the Coloradoan. The day was spent doing insane amounts of housecleaning, when really, only three parts of my house was seen and he was here for 20-30 minutes. At least I have a clean house now.

And OF COURSE I had to mess up on the bread. Would it happen any other way? I forgot to put something in it (I don't know what) because I was busy multitasking and it took forever to rise. At about 45 minutes before he got here, I knew it was flat out impossible that it'd be done in time. I pushed those to the side and quickly whipped up some whole wheat buns. Thankfully, they take absolutely no time at all. He got here when they were most of the way done, we talked, he took some pictures, and then he left.

Don't know yet when the article will be in the paper, I'll keep you posted :-)

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