Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting ready!

Hello everyone! I've been raking up the old leaves I piled on the garden last fall, and what beautiful mulch it was! Wish I got a picture of it. Most of it got thrown into the flower garden and my Irises perked up.

I did take a few pictures though!

Here's the garden, waiting to get some seeds in it. My mother in-law told me to get the lettuce and spinach going, but I think I'm going to wait another week since the weather has been so crazy.

I stuck a shovel in the ground and found four worms. Apparently, my street used to be a nursery before it was sold to a land developer. Anywhere you dig, at least one worm will come up.

My daughter likes to look for worms too.

My chives are coming up beautifully

And my cats wish they were outside. Oh well.

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